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What you should do when you mess up your data w/ Benn Stancil, Founder & CAO @ Mode

Episode Summary

Benn Stancil, CAO and Founder of Mode, is no stranger to The Sequel Show. He delivered some hot takes during his first appearance back in November of 2021, featuring an epic debate about how far analysts should be willing to go to persuade an executive. So, we thought we’d bring him back to wrap up the 2022 season with a spicy final episode. As you’d expect, if you listened to Benn’s first TSS episode, we’re continuing the streak with more controversial opinions. And it all started with a simple question: What should you do when you mess up? This seemingly straightforward question had us going back and forth, leading us down a rabbit hole of anecdotes, covering everything from Census puns to all-you-can-eat restaurants.

Episode Notes

Some of our topic highlights include:

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