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Tipping points: How individual decisions make big impacts in data careers & data teams w/ Emily Hawkins, data engineering manager @ Drizly (LIVE @ Summer Community Days)

Episode Summary

In this never-been-done-in-the-history-of-The-Sequel-Show episode, we’re bringing you a live recording from our data community event, Summer Community Days. In case you missed it, Summer Community Days was our two-day, free, virtual & practitioner-first conference that presented community expert sessions, keynotes, data hackathons, and local IRL happy hours in major US cities. This episode, featuring Emily Hawkins, was the keynote session kicking off the conference. As the data engineering manager at Drizly, an online alcohol ordering and delivery platform, Emily has the insight to satisfy your curiosity and answer all those burning alcohol-delivery questions you have (no pun intended). What was the most popular kind of alcohol that people gifted this year? What is the most popular time to place an order on Drizly? What day did you usually receive the most orders in 2021? Listen up, because we’re bringing you the answers to all these questions – and more! If you missed this keynote (or just want to relisten), here’s your chance.

Episode Notes

Some of our topic highlights include:

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